Adress: Sofia, Bulgaria, 10 Zavodska Srt.
Phone: (+359 2) 936 77 35
Fax: (+359 2) 936 67 06
Mobile: (+359 88) 875 62 13
Office: Sofia, 22 Samokovsko shose Str.


Round the clock support

24/7 advice on phone or in Complex Mira. Settlement of all necessary documents.

Specialized transport

Providing а funeral team. We have cars with cooling system specialized for a long journey. Vans to transport the realtives.

Organization of ritual

Specifying the date and time of ritual. Place reservation in the appropriate cemetery.

Preparation of the deceased

Rooms for bathing, dressing, swabbing, arrangement and makeup.


Complex Mira has built its own cooling chamber.


Printing and publishing obituaries and messages in newspapers.

Church or civil ceremony

Organizing a ceremony in the ritual hall or church. The rituals are organized in convinient for the relatives time .

Salons for distribution

Complex Mira has a large (300 people), medium (50 people) and small (30 people) memorial halls.

Funeral attributes and catering

Choice of mourning attributes , arranging flowers, catering. Complex Mira offers a wide catalog of funeral products.


Complex Mira has two parking lots and parking places for 100 cars.

Burial place

- Preparation, design, arrangement and recording of the burial site.
- Consultations for purchase. Construction of single, double, family tombs and graves for further burial.
- Maintenance of the burial place.
- Machine inscription of monuments.


- Managing cremation.
- All related to it funeral goods and services.

Other services

Funerals in all regions of Bulgaria.
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