Adress: Sofia, Bulgaria, 10 Zavodska Srt.
Phone: (+359 2) 936 77 35
Fax: (+359 2) 936 67 06
Mobile: (+359 88) 875 62 13
Office: Sofia, 22 Samokovsko shose Str.


The Agency is opened in 1994. It has been working all the day long during these days, without stopping, protecting its name among hundreds of clients who have used our services.

Now, the agency owns a modern office technique, specialized mourning-coaches, funeral homes , minus refrigеrator box, ceremonial hall, memorial service and funeral hall, a shop for funeral attributes, shop for flowers, mourning-coach and bus for the departed''s circle.

The long-year work of the agency and its continuous developing, and as a leader in this business, it bases on profession, great resposibility and aim of the officials for perfect work.

The respect to the client and the accompany of the departed to his last resting place in honor way is an obligation and daily work of Funeral Agency "Mira".

Today, under tha saved trade mark "Mira", there are working 5 firms, each of them is specialized in definite field of the funeral activity. The agency is a member of the association of the funeral companies in Bulgaria.
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